In September of 2012 I found out about Avvo.com. I immediately claimed my Avvo profile. Avvo is an online community where users and professionals are brought together to share information, the community includes lawyers from all over the United States.

Lawyers from all parts of the country are online posting responses to users’ anonymous questions. If you have a legal question, you can post it though the online Avvo community and you’ll likely receive several answers in a short time. Who knows, I may even be one of the attorneys that responds to your post.

If you have found this page on my website, it is likely that you found me though the Avvo community or simply by hunting though my site. If you need a California attorney, I would be happy to speak with you regarding your situation. I represent clients throughout California in transactional matters. If litigation is involved or likely, I try to limit my practice to primarily Los Angeles, Riverside and Ventura counties. Depending on the circumstances, I will also consider actions in Orange, San Bernardino or other counties.

Below are a few of my Avvo posts: